Motion Intelligence Is Excited to Work with Mizuho

NEWS RELEASE — 1 March 2020

2-6, Kohinata 4-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-006 Japan

Partnering with Motion Intelligence to “Prevent Distracted Driving with Smart Tech”

Mizuho and Motion Intelligence (HQ:CO in USA, CEO:Sue Spradley) are partnering up to provide a solution for preventing distracted driving with smart technology, while also supporting safe driving practices.

1. Background

The number of traffic accidents caused by distracted driving are increasing every year and becoming a social issue. New traffic laws with stricter penalties for distracted driving have been implemented in Tokyo since Dec. 1, 2019. For these reasons, Mizuho has decided to provide services to prevent distracted driving with safety technology, aiming to protect people from traffic accidents and making society safer and more secure.

2. Service Overview

Installing the hardware device in the vehicle and the Evvy app in the smartphone will lock the display of the smartphone while someone is driving. Managers can look at the smartphone usage along with the vehicle location through a dedicated website.

3. Contact Information

Mizuho Co., Inc. Electrical Device Sales Department: Itoda, Sudou, Natsumi TEL:+81 3-3814-5242

Key Features

-App is downloadable from Apple Store and Google Play

-Display will be locked when a vehicle travels faster than 10km/h

-Managers can configure the following items

-Emergency calls (Police/Fire Station)

-Calls to approved contacts (Hands-free with Bluetooth device is required)

-Approved apps

Managers can see the following items through a dedicated website

-The usage status for smart devices

-Rogue device detection

-Various reports

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