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Who says you can't walk and talk at the same time?

MI Pedestrian safety technology is here to help you do it as safely as possible and to combat the rapid increase in accidents involving pedestrians distracted by their smart phones.

 This smart cities approach to pedestrian safety in  crosswalks, on train platforms, and other high-risk areas is just one of the many ways we've got you covered as you live a connected life.

Device Disabling Zone

Device Disabling Zone

  • Can be configured to disable smart mobile device or send warning notification in high-danger zones (i.e. within 4 ft. of the edge of a train platform or in a crosswalk)

  • Automatic (no on/off switch)

  • Emergency calls allowed at any time

How to Get It

Coming Soon

MI pedestrian safety software will be available as an app or integrated into 3rd party systems. We'll release a full list of products featuring MI technology soon.


How It Works

Sensing & Messaging

Upon approach to a crosswalk (or similar area) the user's smart mobile device will alert the user that he or she is entering a high-alert area and the device is preparing to disable.


Temporary Disabling

The device screen will temporarily be disabled as the smart mobile device interacts with the smart sensors marking the high-alert area boundaries. The user will see an MI Ped Safe Crossing display on the device screen, but will be unable to text, email, use social media or access web browsers and apps on the phone. An emergency call button is featured and enabled for use anytime.


Clearing the Zone

Within seconds of clearing the high-alert area (such as reaching the sidewalk, or backing several feet away from the edge of a train platform), normal device functionality is instantly restored.


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