Shouldn't every aspect of your connected life work for you?

When you walk into your home or workspace, your MI IoT app receives a signal from your connected devices and goes into personal assistant mode.


Based on your preferences, MI IoT will send you the latest in sports stats, gaming updates, entertainment news, or adjust your climate, lights, television settings and more.

  • All content pushed to your smart mobile device is tailored to the user's preferences

  • Can be fully integrated to manage settings in your home

  • Automatically detection, no on/off 


How to Get It

Coming Soon

MI software will be available as an app, integrated into original equipment, or integrated into 3rd party systems. We'll release a full list of products featuring MI technology soon.


How It Works

Effortless Awareness

Built-in MI hardware or MI software integrated into your home's connected devices senses that you have entered your home by communicating with and identifying your smart mobile device.

Your Personal Assistant

MI then notifies you of personalized content updates via your smart mobile device, tablet, or computer. MI will also turn on lights, adjust your climate settings, cue your favorite TV show or music, manage your security, and more . . . all tailored to your settings and preferences.


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