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MI was built to make your business move smarter.

Increase the safety of your employees, manage liability, and reduce insurance premiums and loss all at once with MI's seamless software integration.


Or communicate with your customers in the moment, when they are nearby and primed to take advantage of customized advertising.

Fleet Management
  • Automatically disables smart mobile devices in vehicle, preventing distracted driving (texting, internet browsing, social media posting, etc.)

  • Connected Bluetooth/headset functionality thats for emergency, incoming, and one-touch "favorites" calls

  • Difficult to disable; reports tampering and issues functionality alerts to account manager

  • Detects unauthorized "rogue" devices in the vehicle and reports them to account manager

  • Monthly or yearly-based subscription 

  • Low-cost solution scalable for fleets

MI Solutions

EVVY Driver Safety

Distraction management that doesn't leave drivers completely cut-off from the outside world.

Coming EVVY Passenger Technology

Vehicle passenger communication (infotainment, geo-specific advertising, and customized e-commerce and infotainment.)

How It Works


The EVVY app downloads easily and its associated signaling device installs in minutes and is smaller than a common toll-tag device. Attach it and forget it.


MI's EVVY software on the smart device connects with its associated signaling device in the vehicle to pinpoint the device's location inside the vehicle.


If mobile device is in the "locked" driver zone, the device will have limited app access. For fleet drivers, the access is determined by the account manager.


Fleet operators will have access to seamlessly integrated backend reports, including "rogue" device detection and alerts if the software or hardware components are disabled or not turned on. 

Keeping Safety Easy

EVVY makes it possible to actually prevent distracted driving with easy-to-install, readily integrated, comprehensive solutions.


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