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Motion Intelligence's solutions are built to make your business move smarter. Increase the safety of your employees, manage liability, and reduce insurance premiums and loss all at once with Motion Intelligence's seamless software integration.


Already have a cell phone policy but still seeing an increase in distracted driving accidents?

Learn how to use technology solutions to change the culture of distracted driving and save your enterprise money and keep drivers safe in our FREE guide.


Motion Intelligence enables fleet managers to


This is possible by using Evvy, our app that prevents distractions caused by mobile devices before they begin. Drivers can remain safely connected to the fleet and the outside world without engaging in dangerous driving behavior. And, with our Motion IQ dashboard, which seamlessly integrates into existing fleet telematics and driver-monitoring structures, Evvy comes equipped with a monitoring system drivers can’t outsmart and that is easily managed. 

  • Prevent costly legal fines 

  • Avoid expensive accident damage repairs

  • Earn lower fleet-wide interest rates

  • Ensure drivers don’t use smartphones while on the road

  • Keep all drivers on the road safe

  • Detect and notify managers of unauthorized (“rogue”) devices

  • Driver-specific settings, which can be modified based on driver behavior or materials being hauled

  • Safe, distraction-free access through the Evvy to certain other apps, as allowed by fleet policy

  • One-button-to-push dialing and hands-free calling through the Evvy app

Motion Intelligence technology detects and precisely locates all mobile devices inside a vehicle, which means our product is the only offering on the market that can keep drivers from outsmarting and exiting the solution, with our patented unauthorized device detection, dashboard notifications, and the capability to manage driver-specific settings. 


Drivers will still be able to safely access apps allowed by fleet policy, such as navigation apps and music apps, and stay connected through our one-button-to-push phone call setup. 

Learn how Motion Intelligence can help. Get in touch with our team to find a customized solution for your enterprise. You'll also receive our guide on why your cell phone policy isn't preventing distracted driving accidents.
Fleet Management
  • Automatically disables smart mobile devices in vehicle, preventing distracted driving (texting, internet browsing, social media posting, etc.)

  • Connected Bluetooth/headset functionality thats for emergency, incoming, and one-touch "favorites" calls

  • Difficult to disable; reports tampering and issues functionality alerts to account manager

  • Detects unauthorized "rogue" devices in the vehicle and reports them to account manager

  • Monthly or yearly-based subscription 

  • Low-cost solution scalable for fleets

MI Solutions

EVVY Driver Safety

Distraction management that doesn't leave drivers completely cut-off from the outside world.

Coming EVVY Passenger Technology

Vehicle passenger communication (infotainment, geo-specific advertising, and customized e-commerce and infotainment.)

How It Works


The EVVY app downloads easily and its associated signaling device installs in minutes and is smaller than a common toll-tag device. Attach it and forget it.


MI's EVVY software on the smart device connects with its associated signaling device in the vehicle to pinpoint the device's location inside the vehicle.


If mobile device is in the "locked" driver zone, the device will have limited app access. For fleet drivers, the access is determined by the account manager.


Fleet operators will have access to seamlessly integrated backend reports, including "rogue" device detection and alerts if the software or hardware components are disabled or not turned on. 

Keeping Safety Easy

EVVY makes it possible to actually prevent distracted driving with easy-to-install, readily integrated, comprehensive solutions.

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