MI Driver Tech

Are you ready to end the distracted driving epidemic? (But still keep the best parts of smart travel?)

Our driver technology is the key to nixing a driver's attempt to text, browse the web, email, post on social media or access apps while driving. 

It's hands-free and good to go from here on out. Welcome to a safer connected drive.

Device Disabling Zone

  • Disables smart mobile device in driver area only (applies even if driver attempts to hold phone outside of driver area)

  • Prevents driver use of passenger’s smart mobile device

  • Automatic (no on/off switch)

  • Speeds up hands-free functionality

  • Locates and identifies other smart mobile devices in vehicle

  • Reports tampering and issues functionality alerts to account manager

  • Allows emergency calls at any time

  • Aftermarket hardware works with any model year 1980 and newer vehicles

How to Get It

Coming Soon

MI software will be integrated into original equipment (like your car) or integrated into 3rd party systems. We'll release a full list of products featuring MI technology soon.


How It Works

Silent Communication

When in the range of a smart mobile device, MI technology emits an inaudible sound signal.


Using the smart mobile device's built-in microphone, the MI software on the smart device receives the signal and pinpoints its location inside the vehicle.

Device Indentification

When the smart mobile device is in the driver’s zone, MI disables the screen. The driver is prevented from texting and using the device's apps. The driver can still make and receive calls via Bluetooth or hands-free functionality.

Service Enabling

MI can provide accurate location information to third-party applications and smart mobile devices.


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