MI Business

When your business requires calculated movements and a focused attitude, your team can't risk being distracted.


MI Business is designed to disable the smart mobile devices of any employees operating machinery, or those in the proximity of potential dangers.


Keep your business safe, manage your risk, increase productivity and watch your loss diminish as MI Business goes to work for you.

Drive, work and live smarter with Motion Intelligence. Contact us for more information or to request a demo:

Email: info@motionintelligence.com

Tel:  415.286.3028

  • Disables devices in operator area (or high-risk areas) only

  • Automatic (no on/off switch)

  • Locates and identifies other devices in proximity

  • Difficult to override

  • Reports tampering and issues functionality alerts to account manager
  • Emergency calls allowed at any time

How to Get It

Coming Soon

MI software will be integrated on an OEM level or integrated into 3rd party systems. We'll release a full list of products featuring MI technology soon.


How It Works

Silent Communication

When in the range of a smart mobile device, MI software emits an inaudible signal.


Using the smart mobile device's built-in microphone, MI software on the smart device receives the signal and pinpoints its location inside the vehicle.

Device Indentification

In some MI software applications, the owner of the device is identified, for the purpose of delivering tailored content and user control of nearby systems (climate, navigation and entertainment).

Service Enabling

MI can provide accurate location information to third-party applications and devices.

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